Our Services

Do you own a house, an office, a practice, or a shop in which you have been living or working for many years? After a certain time, renovations are necessary and you would like to use the opportunity to modify the room layout, the windows, or the kitchen?

Did you acquire a property, an office, a practice, or a shop and would like to modify the floor plan according to your needs? We are your competent contact – your interior design general contractor.

Our portfolio contains a selection of delighted customers you are more than welcome to contact – just let us know and we will provide you with the necessary details.

On the following pages, you will find a list of the services we provide. They can be booked as turnkey solution or in optional packages.



The Process


In our first meeting, we will collect your wishes and ideas and determine your living and working habits, thus clarify topics such as: Who are you? What do you want? What do you want to avoid? Simply by telling us what you like and what not, you are providing us with valuable information for our initial proposals. Our task is to create a spatial concept adapted to your requirements. We sketch and calculate the basic creative and planning work. This preliminary project will serve as a basis to help you decide whether or not to award us with the contract.

Based on this preliminary project, you will tell us how far you want to go and how much money you intend to spend. We as general contractors will plan and implement the entire project for you. We are the designers of individual items, the architects of a reconstruction project, interior designers, construction managers, furnishers, and suppliers. We base our analysis on the inspection and recordings of the existing building structures while simultaneously including your decoration ideas and requests. As we plan a reconstruction from the inside out, we can adapt the facades to your living requirements if needed. In doing so, the interior design may well have an influence on the architecture of an existing property. It goes without saying that the aesthetics of the external appearance will be taken into consideration as well.


Our design work will focus on the overall wellbeing of the future users of a room, be it in a private apartment, a workspace, or a public space. Our discussions with you and the sketches we make serve as a basis for the design concept – no matter what kind of project it is. In addition, we take into consideration any external factors that may be relevant (such as building law, authorities, existing building structures, etc.).


We will provide you with a rough estimate of costs and schedules as early as the concept phase of the interior design planning. You will be able to take preliminary decisions based on this concept.

We offer you a solid status analysis, exact measurements, and a space allocation plan. In the case of new buildings, we like to collaborate with your architect. The interior design planning concept includes the construction and material concepts of our interior design, preliminary project plans, and detailed studies as well as decoration ideas.

Concept Work

  • Concept
  • Construction and material concepts
  • Preliminary project plans and detailed studies
  • Cost estimate
  • Elaboration of general schedule

Basic Analyses

  • Discussion of client’s requirements
  • Collection of basic planning elements
  • Study of influencing factors such as location, object, legal framework, client’s ideas and options
  • Preliminary discussions with authorities and consultants
  • Rough estimation of costs and schedules


Be it a restaurant or a living room, be it a master plan or the integration of a single space into an existing unit – take advantage of our experience as interior design general contractors. We will translate your design ideas for your living space into tangible forms, colors, and materials. Project plans are based on the decisions taken during the concept phase – the preliminary project plans – allowing for precise discussions with authorities and consultants. The construction and material concepts are also based on this planning. We take care of all the necessary paperwork concerning building permits and keep in contact with the authorities when required.

  • Revision of preliminary project based on discussions
  • Specifications by authorities and consultants
  • Specification of construction and material concepts
  • Project plans in appropriate form, cost calculation, scheduling
  • Calculation of project scope
  • General description of construction and materials
  • Specification of building costs
  • Specification of implementation schedule
  • Negotiations with authorities
  • Update of project plans
  • Completion of all necessary forms, coordination with consultants


    Construction begins as soon as we have the starting gun from you as client and the authorities with the building permit. The implementation phase is the time of renovation work which usually entails noise and dust. We make every effort to keep this phase as brief as possible. We are the contact for all external consultants such as engineers or electrical designers who monitor the craftsmen’s plans and keep track of all the verified installation plans and detailed specifications. We are informed about every single building phase and monitor the entire project planning as well as every step of a renovation project.

    Detailed Studies

    • Specification of consultants’ requirements
    • Specification of construction and material concepts
    • Detailed project revision
    • Detailed specifications in appropriate form and scale, cost estimate
    • Non-binding offers in consultation with contractors and suppliers
    • Integration of consultants’ calculations
    • Cost estimate structured according to services / building components

    Preparation of Implementation Plans

    • Assessment of detailed studies, constructions, and materials
    • Integration of consultants’ specifications
    • Coordination of installations planning
    • Preparation of implementation plan as final/detailed plan (basis for bids), solicitation of bids
    • Compilation of contractors’ list
    • Soliciting, consideration, comparing, revision of bids
    • Preparation of award requests, awarding of contracts, preparation of service contracts, scheduling
    • Adjustment of deadline estimate according to contractors’ specifications
    • Preparation of schedule planning, awarding of contracts
    • Preparation of service contracts and awarding of contracts, finalization of implementation plans
    • Obtaining and examination of plans from consultants and contractors
    • Finalization of materials and equipment together with client
    • Revision of all architectural and technical details
    • Revision of implementation plans

    Creative Management

    • Monitoring of architectural concept
    • Determination on site of details not yet defined, construction management
    • Employment and supervision of consultants and contractors
    • Monitoring and updating of schedule
    • Supervision and monitoring of activities in workshops and on site
    • Checking of materials and supplies
    • Instruction and checking of scheduled work

    Monitoring of List of Services

    • Contractors’ invoices
    • Construction accounting, payment orders, instructions resulting from authorities’ inspections
    • Examination of construction works together with consultants, final account
    • Examination of contractors’ final accounts
    • Preparation of accounting statement as agreed, final works and guarantees
    • Update of modifications in construction documentation
    • Obtaining of revised plans from consultants
    • Final report


    Once the construction work is finished and the rough work is over, one of the most satisfying tasks can be tackled: the decoration of the individual rooms, creating ambiances. The interior design concept based on the construction plan and the visualizations is now being implemented while we are more than happy to still adapt to new impulses and ideas on your part.

    Now that you can actually experience your rooms, we advise you on the final selection of furniture and design. Lighting is installed, and by skillfully using home accessories such as sculptures, candles, and art pieces as well as books and the objects of everyday life, we create your very own favorite spots, space for guests, and the working environment in which you will love being productive. While experiencing the faithful implementation of the original concept, you always have the possibility of including any new ideas you may have.