Shop and Office Conversion Spline AG

Intelligent living is the core competency. “Spline makes it possible” is the motto. Both aspects were a stimulus and an obligation for us. The task for the architects was to create a showroom for intelligent living out of a modest hall. In addition, the showroom should not constitute an insurmountable contrast to the other accommodation – the relationship between both should remain visible to the clients. At the same time, the interior design should match the design-affine clients.

Since OSB wooden panels had been used in the other business space, we incorporated this element into the Welcome Desk and refined this with a high-quality top in order to provide a transition to the showroom.

Functionality And Design Combined In A Spatial Concept

The centre point of the showroom is the sales’ room. Among other things, the various types of TV installations are on display here. At the same time, the technical possibilities of Spline-Software can be demonstrated.

By the use of the room dividers, different worlds are created without causing any isolation. As a result, the observer retains the air to breathe. The same time, he has the possibility of being able to concentrate on just a partial aspect of what is on offer.

Intelligent systems react to your requirements. In one instance, the picture is important – in another it is the atmospheric room in a comfortable “Look”.


Intelligent Living In A Beautiful Design

A challenge for the design of the room was the fact that quite different technologies should be capable of being used. Both Hi-Fi equipment and TV/video recorders will be on display, as well as other components of an intelligent building services network. The individual elements should be freely accessible but, at the same time, should not disturb each other.

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